Annotate gives the educator the ability to:

How do I Install Annotate? 

How do I connect to Annotate for Remote Desktop?

What else does Annotate Do?

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My iPad doesn't have Annotate yet. How do I get it added?

Annotate is automatically pushed to all iPads on the current iPad management system.  If you do not see this app (or the Company Portal app), visit the campus tech room or submit a HelpDesk ticket to have your iPad updated.

When I search for Annotate on my computer, the program doesn't yet appear. How can I get it installed?

Search your computer to open Software Center. This houses all software that has been pre-approved for download. Scroll to find "Annotate Mirror Client" then click Install. If the program does not install, put in a Helpdesk or call Helpdesk at X81000. 


AirServer gives the educator the ability to:

AirServer + iPad Stand = Document Camera!

How do I connect to AirServer?

When I search for AirServer on my computer, the program doesn't yet appear. How can I get it installed?

Navigate to to download the current version of AirServer.

How do I find AirServer on my iPad?

AirServer is now accessible by dragging down from the top right of the iPad to open the Control Panel. Within this menu, you will select the icon for Screen Mirroring and then connect to your iPad. Do you see too many devices in the list which is causing trouble knowing which iPad is yours? Follow these instructions to rename it so it is more easily identifiable.

What are some troubleshooting suggestions for reconnecting AirServer?

1:  Make sure all windows updates are run on your laptop including Dell command updates

2:  On the iPad - forget network and connect back to NISD network with the staff member's credentials

3:  Try using the Airserver Connect app to reconnect. This is not standard, but can be a good back up for connecting. This app can be used to scan the QR code on Airserver under the Personalization settings. You can get the Connect App from the Mosyle App Manager:

Can I password protect my screen mirroring? 

YES! This is a recommended security setting which prevents unintended users from screenmirroring to your device without your permission. Follow these instructions to set up a password and learn a few other helpful tips.

Am I able to request an iPad stand so that I can use my iPad as a document camera?

Yes. iPad stands with AirServer running on the iPad are the district standard tools for displaying content that an document camera traditionally would. To request an iPad stand, visit your campus tech room or submit a Helpdesk ticket.

If your iPad charger cannot plug into the iPad stand to provide an ongoing power source, put in Helpdesk ticket mentioning needing "a standard USB to lightning iPad cord"

How can I make the AirServer window larger, or Zoomed in, to easily see what is being displayed? 

Tips for enlarging the AirServer window/content:

Aside from using the Camera, what other apps can I model while connected to AirServer?

Using the iPad camera allows you to use AirServer as a document camera. While connected to AirServer, you can also model from any iPad app! See a full list of approved NISD educator iPad apps here.

Can I use AirServer with Zoom?

Yes, you have two options to display your iPad screen when in Zoom:

Using AirServer: 

Not using AirServer:

Pear Deck

Pear Deck gives the educator the ability to:

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How do I build a Pear Deck?

How do I run a Pear Deck lesson?

Can more than one teacher share the same set of Google Slides, but keep Pear Deck session data separated by teacher?

Yes. Pear Deck requires the educator to be logged into their own Google Account, so each session's (Present with PearDeck) data will be available to only that teacher. Each teacher must have editing access to the Slides in order to launch the Pear Deck.

How do I access the session data after the Pear Deck session has been closed?

Go to > Teacher Log In > Sessions. Select a particular session. Open the Teacher Dashboard view to mimic the same experience seen in class to view student responses per slide. Once a session has been Closed, you can also click the 3 vertical dots and select "Export to Spreadsheet" to sort and format data in a Google Sheet.

Additional iPad Resources

How do I add more apps to my Educator iPad?

NISD has several apps pre-approved for download. These can be found within Company Portal (NISD's equivalent to the App Store). Check out this video for how to navigate to Company Portal and easily install apps.

Is there a resource that shows all available iPad apps?

Also accessible at, this iPad Profile gives an overview of all apps that are already installed on the educator iPad and which are located in Company Portal for download.

I'm writing on my iPad often. Do you have a suggestion for an affordable fine point stylus?

While it easy to write with your finger on your iPad, a fine point stylus will give you more precision and control over your writing. Here is the Amazon link to an option for purchase.

Can I screenshare my iPad as a document camera in Zoom?

Yes, you have two options to display your iPad screen when in Zoom:

Using AirServer: 

Not using AirServer:

My classroom projector has been replaced with a TV. What resources are available adjust to this transition?

I'd love to read more about iPads used to support mobile management in NISD classroooms. Where can I find more info?

Check out this NISD Making IT Click blog post titled "If you Give a Teacher an iPad..."!