NISD Requirements for Moodle Courses - Staff

Moodle Self-Check Checklist

Moodle Self Check Checklist

Moodle Resources

This Digital Walkthrough form should be used to assess the course content as well as course alignment to the NISD Moodle Requirements for Secondary. Teachers and/or Administrators should use the checklist to confirm that the course meets district requirements

I'm Brand New to Moodle

1. START HERE: A Step-by-step Approach to Setting Up your Course

Teacher Course Guidelines

Moodle Teacher Course Guidelines (PDF)

Options for Copying Courses

Options for Multiple Preps & Copying Course Content

Moodle Training For Student/Parents

Moodle Training for Students/Parents

Using Assessments Within Moodle

Moodle 101

Moodle Requirements Self-Check: Moodle 101
Defining Digital Learning Environments