What is Grade Transferer?

Grade Transferer (GT) is a time-saving tool for teachers. It's a Chrome extension that automatically copies grades and student names from different online learning platforms into your gradebook. It sorts and matches the data, scales grades if needed, and keeps everything secure on your device. Did I mention it saves tons of time for teachers? This is a fan favorite!

Grade Transferer in NISD

Accessing Grade Transferer 

NISD Staff can install the Grade Transferer Chrome Extension to their laptop and login with their NISD Google account. Navigate to the Extensions Puzzle Piece to pin it and watch the quick 1 minute video to get started. 

Quick Guide- Edugence to TAC

Edugence to TAC Using Grade Transferer

Not Grabbing Grades in Canvas?

In Canvas Grades, click the three dots next to Student Name, select Secondary Info, then select None. This must be done at the beginning of every new course. 

Learn more about Grade Transferer!

GT Quick Start Guide

This is a whirlwind tour of GT's service with a lot more depth and details at the embedded links in case you need it! 

Advanced Settings

Make the most out of GT by exploring the Advance Settings options.