NISD is proud to provide a 1:1 Chromebook program for all students! This initiative empowers students with a powerful learning tool that opens doors to a world of educational resources and fosters digital literacy. This page is your one-stop shop to maximize your students Chromebook's potential. 

Does does this work on a Chromebook?

Chromebook Website Verification

Educators can use their own device to test how things function on a Chromebook using this Chromebook Simulator.

Will students be able to access a certain website? You can check by using the ContentKeeper Filter Verification Utility. Just put in the URL > enter a student's username > and verify!

Quick tricks and troubleshooting tips!

Flipped Chromebook Screen


Quickly Close Tabs

Two finger click on any tab > close other tabs

Accessibility Settings

These settings can be found in the bottom right corner menu. See more details in the accessibility section below. 

My Chromebook won't turn on!

Refresh button + Power button or repeat the process, but plug with the device plugged in.

Blank NISD Portal screen? Imagine Learning not loading? Try this!

Click the three dots of the chrome browser in the top right corner > click more tools > click clear browsing data > clear cache. Make sure “Cookies and other site data”  and “Cached images and files” are checked and that the time is set to “all time".

Microphone or Camera blocked? Try this!

Allow Mic & Camera on Chromebook

You can adjust the microphone and camera access in a chrome browser by click the three dots in the top right corner > settings > search microphone > adjust website access. 

Chromebook Accessibility and Accommodations

Professional Development from NISD IT


Chromebook Accessibility Features

Chromebook Accessibility in 4 mins!

The Accessibility menu features to consider

Chromebooks allow for diverse access to online resources through a variety of extensions that can be accessed and/or added as needed. It also has built in accessibility features for special populations needing various accommodations. See the Apps by Accommodation tab of the Chromebook Profile to identify which accommodations can be met through existing accessibility features.

Chromebooks and Guest Educators

Guest Educators have district credentials! You can email them directly or share Google files as needed. Do NOT leave your login credentials. This a violation of the Responsible Use Policy.

iPad dongles and Chromebook adapters are on your campus to check out for Guest Educators. Please see either your Campus CTL/Librarian or the Front Office/Sub Coordinator to leave one with your sub plans. 

Chromebook Resources for your Classroom

K2 Chrombook Pledge

K2 Chromebook Pledge.pdf

3-5 Chromebook Pledge

Understanding of RUP - Elementary

6-8 Chromebook Pledge

Understanding of RUP - 6-8

Responsible Use Policy

Responsible Use Policy - Student

Snag and save these templates for students!

Chromebook Shortcuts Poster
Keyboard Shortcuts for Chromebook
Chromebook Skills Every Student Should Learn

Chromebook Skills

Chromebook Camp

K-2 Chromebook Camp