Unlock the full potential of your Teacher iPad with our curated collection of tips and settings. Designed to empower NISD classroom educators, your iPad is your ultimate tool for elevating instruction and mobility in the classroom. Discover how to seamlessly connect to laptops and TVs, maximizing your teaching experience.

Annotate.net is a versatile tool allowing teachers to annotate directly on web pages, PDFs, and images. Leverage the remote desktop feature to mark up content live. Annotate.net also allows screen sharing directly from your iPad for a seamless workflow, making it a powerful tool for interactive lessons and engaging explanations. 

Engage your students with interactive presentations! Pear Deck allows you to add formative assessments, polls, and open-ended questions directly into your slides. See real-time student responses and adapt your lesson on the fly for a more dynamic learning experience. Teachers ability to provide immediate feedback is one of our favorite parts of this tool.

Turn any device into a wireless display with Airserver! Stream content from your iPad directly to your classroom TV. AirServer also supports multiple simultaneous connections, so one or more students could mirror their devices to share their ideas and their work with the rest of the class. You can monitor what your students are working on and encourage collaboration.