What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a professional platform for chat-based communication. It is a workspace for real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, file and app sharing, and even the occasional emoji! Teams keeps groups informed, organized and connected through chat, channels, and calls. 

Microsoft Teams in NISD

NISD Staff devices come with Microsoft Teams installed! Search "teams" on your computer. This will open the Desktop app. The web-based version of Teams is also accessible through the NISD Portal. If needed, it can be downloaded from Company Portal. 

NISD Students can reach Microsoft Teams through the NISD Portal in the Office 365 app.

Anyone can download the Microsoft Teams app to their iPad or smartphone to stay connected on the go!

Check out this NISD Intro to Teams training

Intro to Microsoft Teams Chat


This connects conversations based on people; therefore a chat between Person A and B will be it's own chat, whereas a chat with A, B, and C will be a separate chat.

Creating a Team with Channels

A Team connects conversations based on topic. Individuals are added to the team where they can view and contribute to channels to group conversations. Chat is available to supplement the Team.

Video Calls

This is a great alternative tool to Zoom as it is built into a platform you're already using and doesn't require a meeting URL when calling from a Chat.

This is also the student Zoom replacement tool due to the audio issue of Chromebooks not hearing audio when connected to a Zoom.

Microsoft Teams with Students


Interested in using a Team with Students?

Check out this Making IT Click blog post showcasing how a high school yearbook class used Microsoft Teams to collaborate. 

Ready to request a Team?

Submit a Help Desk ticket > Software and Applications > New Microsoft Apps Request to request a team. Please enter your preferred team name in the body of the ticket.

Teacher Instructions

Quick Start to Microsoft Teams Meetings

Microsoft Permissions: Students VS Staff

Microsoft Teams for Students

Learn more about Microsoft Teams